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Unites States Continued Service (USCS) is led by Jonathan T. Gilliam, a career public servant. Jonathan has over 15 years of service as a Police Officer, Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshal, Private Security Contractor, and FBI Special Agent. He has extensive experience as a small unit leader, on-scene commander, and special events/crisis management coordinator.
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United States Continued Service™

About United States Continued Service™

United States Continued Service

United States Continued Service

(USCS) is a platform for US Military veterans and former civilian government employees to provide their expert skills to public and private sector clients in need of consulting, training, and specialized personal services. Our products are designed to provide affordable, effective results for the public and private sector using the most highly trained experts focused on each client’s specific needs.

Our strength lies in our people and their hard-earned expertise developed through years of military and civilian government service. We provide a broad spectrum of these elite, government-trained expert services nationwide. USCS relies on the proven skills of its founder and management team to bring these specialized individuals together with public and private sector clients who require customized expertise.

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